Kara Wily, Owner

Kara Wily has taught the Pilates Method for fourteen years. She relocated to Los Angeles in 2000 from New York City. During her time in New York, Kara was on scholarship at the Alvin Ailey School of American Dance, performed at City Center during the Alvin Ailey Company’s winter season, and attended Columbia University for Post Baccalaureate Studies. Prior to her experience in New York City, Kara directed the Pilates Program at Performing Arts School Vienna in Austria. She taught Pilates lessons to performing arts students and gave classes in anatomy. She was also cast in the musical, Cabaret, performed at the Museum Quartier.

Kara works from the fundamental principle that a human body possesses great potential. Her goal is to help people access their physical potential in a systematic, educational, and safe way.

Paige Makoski, Instructor

A photo of instructor Paige Makowski.

Paige Makoski grew up studying dance and physical fitness in Michigan. At the young age of fifteen, she was awarded a scholarship to train at the Edge Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles. She fell in love with California and decided to pursue her professional dance career on the west coast. The physical demands of this career left Paige with debilitating back and knee pain. This chronic pain led Paige to discover the Method of Pilates. After only three short sessions her pain was gone. This rejuvenation excited her and she began an apprenticeship and started teaching Classical Pilates in Los Angeles, CA. The more she immersed herself in Joe Pilates teachings the more she wanted to learn. She researched many classical certification programs until finding Jill Cassady. Jill Cassady is a master instructor who worked closely with Romana Kryzanowska for over a decade. Paige is also NASM certified as well as CPR and AED certified.

Many of us need to challenge the belief system we have about physical fitness. Pilates transforms your body without punishing it. Paige has a vested interest in helping her clients understand and relate to their bodies in this whole new way. Los Angeles is a fast paced lifestyle so when Paige is not working she escapes the city to rock climb, meditate, and balance her spirit.

Sabrina Maron, Instructor

A photo of instructor Gia Marakas.

Sabrina Maron began to practice Pilates in New York City in 2002 after having read about it in fitness magazines for years. She immediately connected with it. After relocating to Los Angeles in 2003, she searched for a way to continue practicing Pilates. She enrolled in one of the leading classical New York style Pilates certification programs in Southern California where she studied under the guidance of Jill Cassady. This led Sabrina to discover her passion for teaching Pilates — the only fitness method that has kept her inspired for so many years.

A new mom, Sabrina attributes her easy pregnancy, natural childbirth, and speedy recovery to her Pilates training and enjoys passing on her knowledge to pre- and post-natal women. She firmly believes that everyone (men and women alike) can benefit from a regular Pilates practice.

Sabrina aims to make the exercise regimen more affordable by offering duets and semi-private sessions. This fits with one of her other passions — financial planning. Sabrina is a candidate for the Certified Financial Planner designation.

Camille Newbern, Instructor

A photo of instructor Gia Marakas.

Camille Newbern was certified in the Winter of 2006 by Jill Cassady at Absolution in West Hollywood. She has a BA in English from USC and trained in ballet for 11 years with San Diego Ballet.